DNA Dream States

DNA Dream States

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Just as your heart beats many times a minute, your brain emits a certain number of vibrations, or brainwave cycles per second. The four most often acknowledged brain-rhythm patterns are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

The Beta brain-rhythm pattern is the level in which you live, eat and work most of the time. In Beta, the mind focuses on things on the physical dimension, the physical senses of time, space, intellect, belief, reason.
Beta is where you also experience negative thinking, stress, tension, self-doubts, emotional outbursts, depression. Beta is predominately left hemisphere of the brain activity.

The Alpha brain-rhythm pattern is the source of inspiration, intuition and creativity. The Alpha brain pattern is predominately right hemisphere. The right hemisphere of the brain is less concerned with the worries and frustrations of the physical world.

The next brain-rhythm pattern is Theta.
Most people relate to the Theta brain pattern as the sleep level.

It is in this brain pattern vibration that people can learn to consciously disconnect from the stress and busyness of physical thinking.
In Theta meditation you can access "beyond everyday thinking" to envision the future and discover extraordinary inspiration and empowerment.

Through learning how to use and implement the Theta brain pattern you learn to turn dreams into reality, achieve goals and become the person you have the capacity and potential to be.

The more tension between the logical and creative sides of the brain, the more we have feelings of anxiety and fear. Such thought patterns result in dysfunctional behaviours.

The slowest brain-pattern is the Delta level.
This is the brain-pattern of the deep unconscious.
It's the brain-pattern for physical rest, healing, regeneration and behavioural change.

Experienced practitioners of our face-to-face class training Transforming DNA Memories, are trained to use specific professional techniques to access your cellular memory so you can change negative energies and beliefs that are stored in the Delta brain-pattern memory and begin to heal and change your life and the lives of your clients.

My expereince and the vast experience of hundreds of clients from youth into old age is to listen to module one each evening for seven days before drifiting to sleep.
Continue onto module two for the next seven evenings – just before drifitng to sleep.
Over 6 weeks you will have completed all six modules.
Thereafter most of our clients then choose one a week – usually on a Sunday evening to refresh the human spirit, and connect to the sacred within.

As you work the work within these meditations, may your life and the lives you influence be richly blessed.
In love and grace, Sylvia Marina ND., – The Human Behaviour Specialist.

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Sylvia Marina
Sylvia Marina

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