Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Known.

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Known.

Sylvia Marina ND. Guest Speaker at Business Women Today. Perth. Western Australia. | Created and Presented by Sylvia Marina

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Multiple award winner and 'Leader of Influence’, Sylvia’s decision to study and practice to then become an ‘authority' has resulted in national and international opportunities, multiple private clients, and a life that "reaches beyond my wildest dreams".

Sylvia Marina
Sylvia Marina

CEO of Heart Leaders Academy, Sylvia Marina ND is an educator who generously bestows knowledge and encouragement to all who come within her sphere.

Around the globe appreciative participants have benefited through her sources and workshops. Now, more countries are requesting her presence, as a speaker and further presenting workshops on personal growth, love and self-mastery.

Until we can be together in person - learn here at Heart Leaders Academy.

Course Curriculum

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Known.
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