Connect To The Sacred Within.

Connect To The Sacred Within

Love is nature’s sacred gift to humanity. | Created and Presented by Sylvia Marina

Course description

My passion as a natural ‘life skills’ educator is to help people to build their ‘core capacities’, so that they are able to meet un-anticipated challenges and thoughtfully and specifically tailor their responses to individual day to day situations.

It is always my goal to connect you to your inner knowing and understanding, to give you skills to
create a life of happiness and harmony and to approach new beginnings with sacred love.
Each emotional and spiritual intelligence self mastery program I design, gives you skills that enable you to be all that you can be... and when you arrive at that place you will be ready to discover more.
As you work the work within these meditations, may your life and the lives you influence be richly blessed.

My expereince and the vast experience if hundreds of clients from youth into old age is to listen to module one each evening for seven days before drifiting to sleep.
Continue onto module two for the next seven evenings – just before drifitng to sleep.
Over 4 weeks you will have completed all four modules.

Thereafter most of our clients then choose one a week – usually on a Sunday evening to refresh the human spirit, and connect to the sacred within.

In love and grace, Sylvia Marina ND., – The Human Behaviour Specialist.

Sylvia Marina
Sylvia Marina

CEO of Heart Leaders Academy, Sylvia Marina ND is an educator who generously bestows knowledge and encouragement to all who come within her sphere.

Around the globe appreciative participants have benefited through her sources and workshops. Now, more countries are requesting her presence, as a speaker and further presenting workshops on personal growth, love and self-mastery.

Until we can be together in person - learn here at Heart Leaders Academy.

Sylvia Marina
Author & Creative Design Director:Educator & Professional Speaker,
CEO Heart Leaders Academy

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