Love Right For Your Type

Love Right For Your Type

The secret to living better by loving better - in all of your relationships. | Created and Presented by Sylvia Marina

Course description

Have you ever felt a little sense of emptiness or disconnectedness when it comes to your relationships with others?
Have you ever felt like you are just not feeling that sense of connection with your partner, friends, co-workers or your family?

So many of us are not loving relationships that we deserve.
You have love to GIVE and love to GET, love to EXPERIENCE and love to EXPLORE…

In this course, I am going to show you how you can find YOUR primary love code so that you can experience more from all of your relationships.

I shall be teaching you the mechanics of love - its more than sex, we shall delve into the intimacy of love and the emotions and behaviors that separate us from getting the love we want.

From these lessons you wi Love Right For Your Type.

You will learn to understand what love is... for YOU.

You will learn about your specific Primary and Secondary Love Code – interesting to know...most people I discovered are living their secondary love code – when you learn how to honor your primary love code your life will change.

I will guide you to connect with your entelechy – that is the purpose for which you were born.

When you open the pathway and connect to this major intelligence – you will actually begin to live on purpose.
Then you will know the joy.

By the end of this course, you will attain a perspective about your life, make better decisions, engage your love intelligences and maximize your intimacy potential.

You will come to a place where you will recognize, finally you are getting the love, the right type of love...

  • Self-Love
  • Soul-Love
  • Romantic Love
  • Love of others
  • Confidence
  • Assurance…
and the ultimate... Intimacy

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Sylvia Marina
Sylvia Marina

CEO of Heart Leaders Academy, Sylvia Marina ND is an educator who generously bestows knowledge and encouragement to all who come within her sphere.

Around the globe appreciative participants have benefited through her sources and workshops. Now, more countries are requesting her presence, as a speaker and further presenting workshops on personal growth, love and self-mastery.

Until we can be together in person - learn here at Heart Leaders Academy.