Love Your Soul Meditations

Love Your Soul Meditations

52 weekly lessons connecting you to the energy of soulfulness and love. | Created and Presented by Sylvia Marina

Course description

Hello, I’m Sylvia Marina – to me it is a great privilege to have your company and presence journeying through this life together.

You have possibly experienced my teachings and meditations and now I offer my voice and presence in our Heart Leaders Academy, online school.

My face-to-face programs, Transforming DNA Memories, Return To Love, are still available for you the dates are on our calendar Additionally the dates for our Masterclass weekend Getting The Love You Want, Spiritual Retreats and other events are frequently being up-dated.

Thank you to those who have contacted me to say... The honeymoon has dimmed.

When this happened to me many years ago, I discovered, by spending time each day, just a few minutes....and one ‘quiet place’ each week, I managed my life and emotions better.

I became a better parent, more tolerance and patience.

I became a more effective practitioner to my clients and more confident in social situations.

When we fall in love our life changes – and for many their whole world changes and they want to stay close to that energy. What brought that change created the Soulful Heaven-On-Earth experience.

I hope you choose to stay connected.

I have created 52 Love Your Soul Meditations and will deliver them to you on MP3 file.

I know many are busy, I have specifically designed these weekly 2 and 5 minute lessons, to support your connectedness and keep you aligned with your purpose and soul-full-ness.

I am privileged to always have my spiritual grandmother love reminding me to always stay connected to the inner spirit energy of love and grace – I invite you to be close to the feminine energy too.

Enrol today and receive 52 weekly meditations for less than a $1 a week.

Sylvia Marina
Sylvia Marina

CEO of Heart Leaders Academy, Sylvia Marina ND is an educator who generously bestows knowledge and encouragement to all who come within her sphere.

Around the globe appreciative participants have benefited through her sources and workshops. Now, more countries are requesting her presence, as a speaker and further presenting workshops on personal growth, love and self-mastery.

Until we can be together in person - learn here at Heart Leaders Academy.